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Garage Renovations Whittier, CA

Do you need extra living space in your home and don't know where to find it?

If you are not using your garage to its full potential then perhaps you have found your extra space! Whittier Home and Kitchen Remodeling can remodel your existing garage into a cozy and livable room - the average single garage is approximately 200 square feet.

Perhaps you would like to use your new space to create a lovely family room, bedroom, playroom, home office, utility room gym or even rental space. Whatever you decide on, the experts at Whittier Home Remodeling can help you design the exact room that you want.

If you have a double car garage, keep in mind that you have the option of doing a part garage conversion. Many of our clients keep half of their garage and convert the other half into a usable room. We can add beautiful windows, doors, lighting, insulation, ventilation - all the things you need to have a comfortable and habitable room.

A garage conversion not only gives you more usable living space but can substantially increase your home's value. Whether your garage is big or small, attached or unattached, the Professionals at Whittier Home and Kitchen Remodeling can turn your garage into that extra space you've been dreaming about.